Measures for establishment of flood prevention and quick reaction conditions in

Chiprovci and Boljevac

Project Objectives

Objective 1

Investments in equipment related to flood risk reduction and flood damage removal - obtaining four work machines and one transportation vehicle.

Objective 2

Cleaning of the river in Chiprovtsi

Objective 3

Capacity development in order to react in cases of a flood

Project Activities

 Purchase of work machines for municipality of Chiprovtsi

Cleaning of тhe river banks in Ogosta river

Purchase of work machines and a transportation vehicle planned for the works on the watercourses of rivers of the municipality of Boljevac

Training for inhabitants of the villages at the highest risk of floods in Boljevac and Chiprovtsi

Study on the acting and elaboration of new crisis action plans in the CB region

Researches on threatened by floods areas in the CBC region

Training for representatives of local authorities at the municipal level and representatives of local community councils from municipalities of Boljevac and Chiprovtsi


to be achieved by this project

Supported small-scale interventions / investments in green infrastructure for natural water retention;

Purchased specialised equipment related to disaster management, particularly for reducing the risk of flooding and decreasing the flood damage;

Increased capacity of local authorities and inhabitants to prevent floods, reduce flood-related damage, and to act safely and be safe in case of a flood.

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The project is co-funded by EU through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria–Serbia Programme.